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  • Key Findings from the 2023 Digital Investor Survey

    Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Influencing Investor Behaviour? Investability has researched the habits of investors to gain a better insight into how professional and retail investors judge a listed company’s digital presence, where they get in...

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  • Women in Mining: Why it would be great to have more female rock kickers

    It’s no secret that the resources industry is male-dominated. Females account for only 12% of the global mining workforce, according to a recent World Economic Forum study, and about 16% of the Australian mining workforce. There are a multitude of ...

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  • 10 Traits of High Performers

    I was recently speaking to a recruiter who had hired 100+ CEOs and we got onto the topic of high-performance individuals. The head-hunter said there are commonalities in how high performers think and behave and gave advice on how to spot these traits...

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  • Does Investor Relations Add Value?

    It’s a well-known fact that investor relations, or any marketing service, is the first thing to get dropped by listed companies looking to save money and cut spending during a market downturn. So this begs the question – what’s the value of inv...

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  • The Growing Influence of Retail Investors for Small Cap Companies: How to Attract Self-Directed Investors

    “Self directed” or retail investors, are often overlooked by small cap companies in an investor relation plan.  It is perhaps understandable, given retail investors, on average,  account for just 14% of the typical large cap Australian company;...

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  • Forbes Women’s Summit 2023: “Never Be Afraid of Change”

    Investability recently attended the inaugural 2023 Forbes Women’s Summit in Sydney. Forbes noted that of the top 300 ASX-listed companies, just 6.2% have female CEOs, female founders receive less VC funding than their male counterparts, and wom...

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