Up close and personal with

Jillian Fernandes

Q1. If I could have three people at a dinner party, they would be…

My Mum – the most hard-working woman I know and my biggest inspiration

Ryan Reynolds – insanely hilarious and a marketing genius!

Laura Henshaw – CEO of KIC; a humble, hard-working businesswoman

Q2. Podcast I never miss?


Zara and Michelle are such smart, well-spoken women and I love how they make me feel Shameless for caring about the low-brow pop-culture news. Simultaneously, they make me a smarter individual; their book club inspires so many young people to read more, a habit I think we often forget about.

Q3. Quote or mantra I live by

Don’t wait for opportunities, create them!

Q4. Out of office, you’ll find me…

At my parents’ property with a cheese board and wine.


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