Leveraging ASX Announcements to Gain Market Traction

ASX announcements are the core method by which listed companies communicate with shareholders and the investment community. This information, price sensitive or not, is how the stakeholders are able to stay up to date on corporate activities and thus, are used as a primary basis for making investment decisions. 

Everyday the ASX puts out hundreds of announcements produced by the 2,260 companies listed. In a crowded arena with more announcements than any one person could absorb in a single day, how do C-Suite executives leverage ASX releases to gain media traction?

This is where Investor Relations (IR) firms come to the aid of companies wanting to stand out and have their message heard. 

Operating at the intersection between finance, communication and marketing, IR professionals are able to leverage media networks to amplify your investment narrative to a larger audience. 

Below are Investability’s tips for writing ASX announcements that garner the attention of the media. 

6 Tips to Gaining More Market Attention From Your ASX Announcements 

  1. Make announcement highlights short and punchy. Investors are time poor so you need to articulate the key points in the highlights, given many investors won’t read past this point. 
  2. Use simple language that can be understood by the greatest number of investors 
  3. Limit the use of jargon and avoid overly technical phrases (especially in the announcement highlights)
  4. Insert the company’s tagline in the opening sentence of the announcement, directly after the company’s name (eg. Investability Ltd (ASX: INV) (Investability), an investor relations firm specialising in shareholder and media engagement, is pleased to announce…)
  5. Include “Notes to Editors” or an “About Us” section in announcements, summarising the key investment highlights of your company to make it easy for journalists to copy or paraphrase 
  6. Include a contact phone number and email address of you Investor + Media Relations representative who can set up an interview with journalists wanting an exclusive comment  

If you’re wanting to learn more about how your company can use the expertise of an Investor Relations consultancy to leverage your announcements for greater media exposure, contact Investability.

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